What Is Service Edge?

What Is Service Edge

What is service edge? What is this technology all about? And can your company benefit from this today? Find out below.

What Is Service Edge?

A service edge refers to the location where a service provider and customer meet. In other words, it is the place where a particular service is provided. Sometimes, there are instances when this service may have a physical location such as in the case of a call center or a retail store. 

Other times, the service provider does not have a physical location but instead sends his/her services over a network such as via the Internet. In any case, he or she will be able to provide their services to customers and vice versa.

A service-oriented architecture is an approach that can be used to design and implement applications using reusable software modules called services. The good news is that most companies today are taking advantage of this type of technology. Since it allows them to build applications faster and more efficiently than before. 

Moreover, they also do not need to worry about writing code and other tedious tasks as everything can be done automatically.

An Example Of Service Edge

An example of one is a hotel that offers guests free Internet access through Wi-Fi. Here, it is clear that the hotel is the service provider while the guest or customer would be considered the receiver of the services being offered. In turn, both parties will benefit from this transaction. As for the hotel, they can earn more money by offering their customers something for free.

On the other hand, guests will also benefit from this arrangement since they get to use Wi-Fi without paying for it in addition to experiencing convenience. Since they do not need to bring their laptops with them when traveling. Likewise, they will be able to stay connected while on vacation without having to pay roaming charges.

When it comes to designing and developing a new application, service edge is one of the most important factors to consider. This is because it will be the point where the application will reach out to its customers and vice versa. In a nutshell, service edge is the location where a service provider meets with a customer.

What Is the Importance of Service Edge?

A service edge is important due to various reasons. Firstly, it is a vital aspect that every application should have. It is the bridge between your service provider and customers. Moreover, it helps in streamlining the interaction between these two parties.

Further, having a service edge will make it easier to provide the service to your customers. This is because the location will be able to determine how your customers will be able to access your services. For instance, if you are planning on offering your services through a mobile application, then you will need a service edge to develop this type of application.


So, it is important to have a service edge so that you will know where your application should be accessed from. You also need to determine where they can access it from as well as how they can do so. Having this information will help in increasing your web traffic and sales as well.

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