Benefits of a Secure Web Gateway in Umbrella

Benefits of a Secure Web Gateway in Umbrella

What are the main benefits of a secure web gateway in umbrella? But what is this all about? Let us explore below.

Benefits of a Secure Web Gateway in Umbrella

A secure web gateway (SWG) in an umbrella means that all the traffic directed to your servers will pass through a gateway. This gateway will filter all the traffic and block any malicious traffic. So, this is a very important step to secure your network.

It protects you against zero-day attacks and other botnets. It also keeps your servers safe and secure. So, what are its benefits?

Firstly, an SWG in umbrella can protect your servers against zero-day attacks. The simplest way to understand is that if there is some new type of attack, you might not be able to stop it immediately. But with an SWG in place, the SWG can block this type of traffic and keep your servers safe.

Secondly, it can protect your servers against DDoS attacks. It can even prevent the attacks from initiating in the first place. DDoS attacks are quite common these days and if you are not protected from them, you will lose a lot of money.

Thirdly, it protects your servers from bots and botnets. If a botnet attacks your servers, then they will be taken over by malware and used for malicious purposes. If you have an SWG in place, then they will be blocked before they can reach your servers.

Fourthly, it will protect you against zero-day attacks, DDoS attacks, and bots. So, every organization needs to get this protection for their servers.

Choosing the Right Secure Web Gateway in Umbrella

Now that we know about the benefits of SWG under an umbrella, we need to decide which one would be best for our organization. But before we do so, let’s look at some of the important considerations while choosing an SWG.

Firstly, you should consider how secure you need the web gateway to be. The more secure your requirements and budget are, the better the product you get. So think about which level of security you need and buy accordingly.

Secondly, consider how much traffic gets directed to your web servers every day? If there is a large amount of traffic, then it would be good to get a higher capacity gateway. So that all the traffic gets filtered properly without any issue.

Thirdly, think about how much time you need to set up an SWG without any issues? If it takes too much time to set up or configure the product or technology, then it might not be suitable for your needs.

Finally, check for any licensing requirements for using this product or technology and try to find out how easy it is to use this product or technology? You should try finding out how many people work on this project. And how much time does it take them to complete the process? All these points are crucial.


So, if you need to secure your web servers and make sure that they remain safe, then you need an SWG is an umbrella. It will protect you against DDoS attacks, botnets, and zero-day attacks. So get the best product from a reputed vendor.

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