Top Tips for Using Secure Web Gateway

Top Tips for Using Secure Web Gateway

Do you want to know some of the top tips for using secure web gateway or SWG? Then, you have come to the right post. So, read on.

Top Tips for Using Secure Web Gateway

Use SWG in Conjunction with Firewall

Most people think that SWG is the best way to secure remote access to the network. However, that is not true. You should always use SWG in conjunction with a firewall because it allows you to control traffic flow in a much better manner.

Use Policy-Based Routing

When you are using SWG, you should use policy-based routing. It is one of the best ways to control traffic. It allows you to deny traffic based on some conditions and it also allows you to direct it towards some specific locations. So, whenever possible, you should use policy-based routing.

Use VPNs for Remote Access

VPNs are essential for remote access. If you are using SWG, then you will have to use VPNs for remote access. While using VPNs for remote access, make sure that only authorized users are given access. This will also minimize the risk of unauthorized access. 

Use Static Routing

Static routing is also important for SWG. When you are using static routing, all the traffic that does not match any of the pre-configured rules will be forwarded to one specific location (usually the Internet gateway or IG). So, this helps in securing the network from various threats like DoS attacks and spamming, etc. 

Regularly Update Signature Files

Signature files must be regularly updated because they contain security updates and patches related to vulnerabilities and exploits etc. So, you should regularly update these files and make sure that they are synchronized with all the other security devices as well. 

If a new vulnerability or an exploit is found, then you can quickly update your signature files according to that vulnerability and protect your network against it. 

Make Sure SWG is Using Proper DNS Server

If your SWG uses its internal DNS server instead of using existing DNS servers in the network then there is a high chance that it may cause some problems in your network. Because there will be two different DNS servers running on two different networks at two different locations.

Also, this may cause various problems like duplicate IP address resolving, and more. So, make sure that your SWG is using proper DNS servers so that this does not happen in the future. 

Use Centralized Logging  

SWG should be used in conjunction with a centralized logging solution. So that all events can be centrally logged and analyzed in real-time instead of logging locally on each device. This makes things harder for administrators when they want to analyze logs in real-time.

Follow These Top Tips for Using Secure Web Gateway

So, if you want to succeed in deploying SWG within your network, then you should follow these top tips. You will not only be able to secure your remote access but also your entire network. Also, these tips are essential for any organization.

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