Top 5 Secure Web Gateway Benefits

Top 5 Secure Web Gateway Benefits

This post here will talk about the top 5 secure web gateway benefits you can enjoy when using this technology. So, don’t leave just yet.

Top 5 Secure Web Gateway Benefits

Enhanced Security

When you have a secure web gateway (SWG) in place, it will be able to protect your network from cybercriminals. A web gateway with an IDS/IPS system can detect malicious activities on the network and block or mitigate them.

Such a gateway is placed on the border of the network and it inspects all incoming and outgoing traffic. It can perform deep packet inspection and it has access to all applications, protocols, and data streams passing through the network. So, this means that the gateway can monitor all kinds of content, even encrypted or compressed data.

Moreover, this technology can identify malware and viruses, as also insider threats. For instance, it can detect if a user is trying to communicate with a forbidden website or access compromising data.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

An SWG offers unified threat management functionalities so that you no longer have to purchase separate products for these purposes. For example, a web gateway comes with an anti-virus module installed. So that you get protection against viruses without having to purchase an antivirus solution separately.

The best thing about this kind of protection is that it will come from one single point of control so that you can manage it easily. There is no need for different logins or interfaces for different security solutions. Everything is accessed from the same place with just one username and password for authentication purposes. So, this makes management easier than ever before.

High Performance

An SWG also offers high performance because it has been designed for such a purpose in mind. It operates at high speeds so that you don’t have any lag time when accessing applications or data from outside of your network. It has been optimized as well so that it consumes fewer system resources while performing its operations at very high speeds concurrently. For example, many users access data at the same time.

Easy To Deploy And Manage

An SWG is easy to deploy and manage because its configuration doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of networking concepts and technologies. All you need is a little bit of training and you will be able to get up and run fast. All without experiencing any problems along the way whatsoever. 

Then, even if you are not technically inclined, you can still perform simple tasks such as reporting, monitoring, logging, and even policy creation. The gateway offers a web-based interface that is easy to navigate through so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

No More Bandwidth Waste

This technology will give you a great bandwidth reduction as well. Why? Because it will reduce the amount of traffic that is sent to your security devices such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and other security appliances. 

So, this means that if your internet connection speed is 1Gbps, but only 100Mbps is needed by the actual applications, then an SWG will be able to optimize all this wasted bandwidth. So that only the amount of bandwidth needed by applications will be used. 

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