Incredibly Useful Secure Web Gateway for Small Businesses

Incredibly Useful Secure Web Gateway for Small Businesses

What is an incredibly useful secure web gateway for small businesses? How can these businesses benefit from this technology?

Incredibly Useful Secure Web Gateway for Small Businesses

Today, small businesses, much like the large ones, are constantly facing online threats that can potentially affect their growth and revenue. Most businesses today use the internet to run their daily operations, and that makes them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

This is where a secure web gateway (SWG) comes in handy. An SWG or firewall creates a virtual barrier between the company’s network and the internet. Thus, preventing cybercriminals from gaining access to sensitive information and financial records.

So how is SWG helpful for small businesses?

1. It safeguards valuable data. It prevents hackers from gaining access to confidential information of customers. Also, it allows only authorized employees to access crucial business data through firewalls and VPNs that are encrypted. So, by preventing unauthorized access to data, it keeps important business information safe and confidential.

2. It keeps harmful malware away. It protects small businesses from malware and viruses that can affect business productivity and even compromise sensitive information on file servers.

3. It boosts website performance. Web gateways also boost web performance by filtering out malicious traffic and blocking unwanted content such as spam. All while allowing website visitors to download files faster due to optimized caching features. So, this can be especially beneficial for e-commerce businesses that rely heavily on website traffic for sales conversions.

4. It prevents downtime. It also protects small businesses from threats that could cause downtime. Such as denial-of-service attacks, which interrupt normal business operations. These devices also support firewall rules to block specific IP addresses or blacklists that prevent intruders from accessing the network.

5. It facilitates remote management of devices. SWGs can be managed remotely from a single console. Thus, allowing network administrators of businesses to check on device status in real-time and make changes accordingly if needed. 

Using SWG for Small Businesses

How, then, can small businesses make use of SWG? Firstly, they need to start with a solid business plan. This plan should include an IT budget that covers the cost of firewall hardware, software, and other network components needed to prevent data theft and downtime.

For example, if you have a lot of employees or heavy traffic coming in and going out, it’s best to opt for an appliance that supports multi-user access. Meanwhile, if you’re just starting or have a small staff and moderate traffic, a software-based solution would suit your needs.

Then, when it comes to selecting a vendor, look for a vendor who has a solid reputation in the market. When you’re searching for an SWG solution, make sure you choose one that can help protect your business from malware, viruses, hackers, and other threats.

Finally, once you have your SWG device in place, make sure to put it to good use by implementing security policies and procedures. This way, you’ll ensure that your business is protected from all sorts of online threats.

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