How Much Does a Network Security Analyst Make?

How Much Does a Network Security Analyst Make

How much does a network security analyst make? A network security analyst designs, plans, and executes security standards to protect data, grids, and computer techniques. Is their salary worth it for their jobs?

What is a Network Security Analyst?

Network security analysis is a field that has been around for about 30 years. Also, the first network security analyst was Jack Crenshaw in 1979 at the US Department of Defense. 

The first internet was created in the late 1960s and since then, computer networks have become extremely important. So, the idea that someone could steal data from a computer or erase data from a computer became real to businesses and governments around the world. 

A network analyst needs to be familiar with security systems, such as firewalls, operating systems, and networking. They also need to understand how to protect the data and networks.

Then, they write reports, take care of security issues and also perform risk assessments. 

A network analyst is a job that is in high demand. It is a position that will continue to have a lot of growth over the next few years. 

Common Job Duties

The most common job duties for a network analyst include:

Detecting and correcting security vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and enterprise software. Also, designing, implementing, and maintaining security systems for a company’s computer network

Auditing and monitoring computer networks to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access. Also, assessing the security of a client’s computer system or network to ensure that it is secure and capable of handling the information it contains

Keeping up with current developments in security technology. Also, applying those developments to the design of new security systems.

How Much Does a Network Security Analyst Make?

A network security analyst can make a lot of money. The average salary for a network security analyst is $93,000. Also, the salary for a network analyst ranges from $60,000 to $120,000+.

While this is not an easy job, it is an extremely important job. Without people like network security analysts, businesses and governments would not be able to keep their data safe from hackers.


There are many challenges in the field of network security. It’s a fast-paced environment that requires a lot of critical thinking. In addition to this, you will be working under a lot of pressure. You need to stay up to date on the latest trends in cybersecurity as well as stay up to date on the latest attacks and exploits.

It is important to note that you need to be able to work independently. This can be hard because many businesses will want you to work with the rest of their IT department. Also, working in cybersecurity is extremely competitive.


Some of the most common solutions for network security analysts are:

Meeting with clients to discuss the future of their network and how to create a more secure environment. Also, taking part in security tests and penetration tests. This is a good way for you to find any flaws in the network.

You will be working with several different people throughout your career. It is important to know that there are many different certifications that you can get to help you get a job as a network security analyst. 


A network Security Analyst is the person who designs, plans, and implements security measures to protect data, networks, and computer systems. There is a high demand for this position.

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