Three Words: Secure Web Gateway

Three Words: Secure Web Gateway

Three words: secure web gateway. Do you have any idea what these words mean? Also, do you know how you can benefit from this?

Three Words: Secure Web Gateway

To begin, a secure web gateway (SWG) refers to a network setup that allows a company to control access to its network from the outside world. The company is in control by setting up a secure web gateway. This will be located between the internal network and the external internet.

This can protect businesses from potential dangers when the internet is accessed from outside their network. SWG provides a layer of protection that can lessen the severity of attacks.

There are several features of SWG, but it will include intrusion prevention, a Web application firewall (WAF), and content filtering. 

Intrusion prevention is a feature that will recognize malicious activity on the network through such tactics as port scanning, brute force attacks, and denial of service attacks. The intrusion prevention system is then designed to spot these threats by monitoring connections, packets, and network behavior.

On the other hand, WAF protects against malicious codes that could enter the network through web applications. This is done by monitoring transmissions for possible issues like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflow attacks. It also blocks requests that come from disreputable sources like IP address spoofing or botnets so that privileged information is not compromised.

Then, content filtering monitors content in emails, websites, instant messaging apps, and more to detect inappropriate material. Such as pornography or other similar types of adult content that is prohibited by company policy. It also prevents malware from being downloaded into computers through emails or files on websites. So confidential information does not fall into malicious hands or get deleted by cybercriminals who want to steal data for personal gain or ransom purposes.

What, then, are the benefits of using this tool today? And how can you enjoy the benefits?

Secure Web Gateway: The Benefits

One of the main benefits of using SWG today is that it is a cost-effective tool for protecting business networks. The SWG system can be set up at a low cost, about $50,000 for a small company. The gateway can be installed on a router or firewall that has been preconfigured to handle the software. This means that installation is relatively easy and quick compared to setting up other security measures.

Moreover, this tool allows companies to control access to the internet so that hackers cannot get into their systems. SWG is designed to block any suspicious activity, preventing malicious codes from entering the network or malware from being downloaded into computers. This enables companies to protect themselves from potential dangers on the internet today.

Furthermore, SWG provides features that can prevent data leakage and data exfiltration. WAF will do this by scanning content and blocking inappropriate material from being downloaded into computers or sent out through the network

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is a good idea to use SWG to protect your business from potential dangers on the internet today. This tool will not only block malware and viruses. But it can also block inappropriate content and keep data from being stolen

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