Overview of VMware Data Protection 7.0

vmware data protection 7.0

What is the overview of VMware data protection 7.0? VMware Data Protection 7.0 is a solution that is to protect virtual machines from data loss. It lets users backup, replicate, and recover VMs from any location. In this article, we will know the importance of VMware in technologies.

Overview of VMware Data Protection 7.0

VMware is a backup and recovery solution from VMware. It is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server. Also, it extends the capabilities of vSphere Data Protection, available with most editions of vSphere, with greater scalability and enhanced functionality.

There are several features in VMware Data Protection 7.0 such as:

  • Simplified backup and recovery
  • Compliance and regulatory protection
  • Reduced storage costs

It is generally used by VMware vSphere customers, but it is not mandatory. We are providing a link to download VMware protection 7.0 here. So, it was 7.0.1, which was in November 2012.


The objectives of VMware protection 7.0 are very clear and precise. The main objective of this solution is to protect the virtual machines in a data center. 


This article is for the administrators, professionals, and system architects. With this article, they can know how to install and configure VMware Data Protection 7.0. 

It is an evaluation edition, which gives you 30 days to evaluate the product. Also, the users must have a basic knowledge of VMware virtualization before installing this product. 

The users also need to know networking, storage, and virtualization concepts. To use this solution, you must have basic knowledge of vSphere Client and command-line interface (CLI).

Install and Configure

Before starting the installation process of VMware protection 7.0, the vCenter Server must be installed. Also, the clients or ESX hosts must be to the vCenter Server to install the product. 

If you want to install and configure VMware protection 7.0, check the prerequisites: 

First of all, you need a compatible hypervisor server from VMware. The operating system should be Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. 

The system disk must be with NTFS or FAT32 file system. Also, the processor should have 1 GHz or more speed. 

The RAM size should be 512 MB or more. Also, the free space on the hard disk should be 500 MB or more, which is by VMware. 


All the users should be on to the system with administrative privileges. The client or ESX hosts must be to a vCenter Server. 

The network infrastructure should be according to the requirements of VMware protection 7.0. It is strongly recommended that you should install VMware tools on the client’s virtual machines. Also, the machines should have a DVD drive. 

The virtual machines can be -on or powered off during the installation process of VMware data protection 7.0. However, it is not recommended because you may lose your data if you shut down your VMs. 


VMware data protection 7.0 is an efficient product, which is to protect virtual machines in a data center. It is a backup and recovery solution from VMware. 

There are several features in this solution such as it can be to protect virtualized applications, simplify backup and recovery processes, and reducing storage costs.

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