Is Data Protection A Legal Mandate?

is data protection a legal mandate

Is data protection a legal mandate? Data protection is a legal mandate that is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Social media is rife with hackers and groups with malicious intent, and data can be any person through the Internet. What is the law for this? Know that in this article below.

Is Data Protection A Legal Mandate?

It is undeniable that data protection is a legal mandate. It is a legal requirement. This means that the law requires you to protect your data. 

An example of data protection is when you have a computer or laptop, you need to make sure that there is a firewall installed and that the security settings are at maximum. If not, the hackers will be able to spy on you, and they can even steal your personal information.

This legal mandate was back in 1998 by the Council of Europe. It was in 2009, and it was then implemented as a legally binding convention for all member nations of the European council. 

This convention was to protect individual citizens’ data from being unlawfully accessed. It was also meant to help protect the privacy of people from being violated and to help protect individuals from identity theft.

Major Factors

Two major factors led to the implementation of this convention. The first factor is that there was a rise in the number of crimes involving the privacy of people and the security of their data. 

The second factor is that at that time, there was no standardized method for protecting people’s data. At that time, each country had its way to protect its citizen’s data. 

This made it difficult for people who were living in a different country than their own to be able to access the data they needed. Also, this convention is by all European countries, but it is not limited to Europe. It is in all countries around the world. 

This is because all of the countries that are members of the Council of Europe are bound by this convention. But even if a country is not a member of the Council of Europe, it is still bound by this convention. 

Another reason is that international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization have acknowledged the importance of this convention and implemented it as well. 

Customs and Border Protection

Another example of data protection that is a legal mandate is US Customs and Border Protection. This agency has implemented data protection guidelines for US citizens and other people who travel to the United States. 

These guidelines were to protect individual privacy rights and to prevent the loss of data. It is important to note that US Customs and Border Protection is not the only agency that implements these guidelines for data protection. 

Other agencies have implemented the same guidelines. Another example of data protection and legal mandates in the healthcare industry in the United States. 

There are strict laws that protect the personal information of patients. This includes their medical records, their billing information, and their insurance information. 


This article has discussed the importance of data protection and how it is a legal mandate. It is important to know that data protection is a legal mandate because many people are trying to access your private information. 

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