Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions

This article will talk about some of the available data protection solutions these days. Also, we will learn what kinds of solutions your company needs. So, read on.

Data Protection Solutions

To begin, data protection solutions refer to data protection technologies that prevent or minimize the loss of data. This may be through such threats as physical damage, accidental deletion, malware, and others. Also, they help to meet compliance requirements by providing data retention, archiving, and destruction.

The most common technologies used in data protection solutions are:

  • Cloud Backup. It’s a solution that is based on backing up data to the cloud which is a server connected to the internet. This technology applies to small businesses and organizations that don’t have their servers. Then, your company can choose among different types of cloud backup solutions including:
    • Local Cloud Backup. This is where the backup files are stored on a local area network (LAN) and therefore your company’s access to them is limited.
    • Remote Cloud Backup. This is where your company stores its backup files on a remote server outside of your location.
  • Hybrid Cloud Backup. This is the best of both worlds, where your company can store backup files on both a local server and an external server.
    • Other Types of Data Protection Solutions by Technology
  • Data Storage. It refers to storing data on different devices such as flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and hard drives. This technology is beneficial for companies that don’t have their servers. Because they can store their files on removable media and take them from one computer to another. 
  • Tape Backups. It’s similar to Cloud Backup. But instead of storing your company’s data in the cloud, this technology allows you to store them in tapes (removable media). This method is suitable for small businesses with limited budgets and storage space. But this may be outdated compared to cloud backup.

Other Data Protection Solutions

There are also other kinds of data protection solutions. One of these solutions is data protection software. This software provides data protection services in the form of software installed on your company’s computer systems. Some examples are:

  • Microsoft Windows Server Backup. This is a backup program for Windows Servers. It’s included in the Windows Server operating system. Also, it allows you to back up files and folders, entire volumes, and applications. Also, you can restore all kinds of data from these backups.
  • Microsoft SQL Server. This is a backup program for Microsoft SQL. It’s included in Microsoft SQL Server and enables you to back up databases and transaction logs of databases to a file or device. Then, you can restore them when needed.
  • Remote Backup. This backs up files on one computer to a remote computer using an internet connection. Rather than using an internal network or removable media. Then, it allows you to restore any kind of data from these backups at any time when needed (using an internet connection).


As you can see, your company needs to have a data protection solution. Because it will help to ensure the availability of your company’s files, data, and confidential information in the event of a disaster. So, you can’t afford to have one.

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