Best Practices of Biggest Cybersecurity Companies

biggest cybersecurity companies

What are the best practices of the biggest cybersecurity companies? It explains that there are three main steps for cybersecurity: protect, detect, and respond. This article will help readers break down these steps and learn how to implement them in the best way possible. 

Best Practices of Biggest Cybersecurity Companies

The four biggest cybersecurity companies are Symantec, Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, and McAfee. They specialize in data storage and server management as well as data backup services

The best practices include quarterly penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and continuous network monitoring. 

Quarterly Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is done to see what weaknesses the security has and how to fix them. This includes checking for vulnerabilities in the network and software.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is another way to do penetration testing. Also, vulnerability scanning checks for holes in software that hackers can get into. There are many types of vulnerability scans: 

  • vulnerability assessments, 
  • web application assessment, 
  • wireless vulnerability assessments, and 
  • remote vulnerability scanning. 

Vulnerability scanning aims to find any holes in the system. Also, it is before hackers can find them and attack you.

Continuous Network Monitoring

Continuous network monitoring aims to make sure there aren’t any new threats on your network from hackers or viruses. This protects everything on your network from threats by making sure there aren’t any new ones.


These four companies all want to protect networks from threats and help the company stay safe. 

Symantec Corporation

Symantec is a global leader in cyber security. It helps in making sure that information is secure, and that companies are safe from cyber-attacks. Symantec provides security to over half of the Fortune Global 500. It is also the largest software security firm in the world.

Symantec has four main business units: 

  • Data Loss Prevention, 
  • Security Information and Event Management, 
  • Information Protection, and 
  • Networks and Security. 

Check Point Software Technologies

Check Point Software Technologies is a multinational company that provides cyber security products. It is based in Israel and has offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. 

  • threat prevention solutions, 
  • endpoint security solutions, 
  • segmentation solutions, 
  • security management solutions, 
  • secure connectivity solutions, and 
  • virtualization security. 

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems provides security to companies by implementing firewalls, encryption, and anti-virus software. Also, Cisco provides security to the military. It has also been used in the US Army since 2006. 

It is a computer network firm. Cisco is a leader in IT and networking technology. Cisco focuses on enterprise and service provider business markets.


McAfee is a computer security company that provides antivirus software to over 300 million devices. It has been protecting businesses from cyber attacks for over 30 years. 

McAfee provides firewall protection, anti-spam filters, anti-spyware, and firewall protection. It provides security to over 50 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in the US.


Cybersecurity companies face many challenges including a lack of cybersecurity workers, cyber attacks, and DDoS attacks. 

Cybersecurity workers are a challenge for cybersecurity companies because there aren’t enough of them. There is a high demand for cybersecurity workers, but there aren’t enough to fill the roles. 

Cyber attacks result in large amounts of data being taken from the company and their systems being shut down. Cyber attackers target big-name companies such as Target, Sony Pictures, and JP Morgan Chase. 


The biggest companies in the field are Symantec, Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, and McAfee. They aim to keep companies safe from cyber attacks. 

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